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- Jill Batista LMT, CHG-Transformational Hypnotist

Transformational Healing & Hypnosis

What if your fear of change is more painful than the change itself?

How many times have you started to make a improvements in your life and find that you self sabotage, procrastinate, or just plain fail?

Then all the negative self talk kicks in and there you are - stuck,

not progressing, or even failing completely.

Does this leave you feeling like giving up?


Well guess what, it's not your fault!

Tired of Feeling Stuck & Discouraged?

Too many plates spinning

Unhealthy relationships?

Repeated attempts to set goals?

Stop Procrastination!

Stop The Self Sabotage!



Learn How to Support Mind & Mood with Plant Medicine Naturally

Be empowered with natural solutions!

"This has been such a transformation process. Her guidance is invaluable, but she's equipping me with the knowledge to do this on my own." - Tracy



Jill Batista,LMT, Transformational Hypnotist

"I hold space from a center of Divine Love & Healing, " Jill


After 20+ years of Massage Therapy and Energy Healing experience, Jill began to listen to the call to work with clients more than skin deep. Seeing the mind-body connection to the

"Issues in the tissues"

Evolving and expanding in knowledge, Jill adds Theta Healing, and Hypnosis to her list of certifications. This combination of altered consciousness work allows for the spiritual to meet the scientific! For a powerful and transformative healing & self-development work, this is life changing & habit busting!

Her holistic approach is effectively helping clients to break through their old belief systems, heal from past trauma, and reclaim their energy! Helping them to write a new story for the life they want to create for themselves.


Teaching the tools to live the life they love with more confidence, self - love, & gratitude.

A gifted and skilled intuitive practitioner also offering,

Angel Oracle Card Readings during Soul Guidance sessions, Energy & Sound Chakra Healing, & Dance Alchemy,

are also currently available in online.

An expert in Essential Oil use and safety, she offers protocols and recipes in complimentary education for clients.

One to One private client sessions are done on Zoom, sold in packages.


Jill loves music, dancing, and being in nature.

She is a mother of two amazing children. She loves dancing, hiking, gardening, and freedom. Originally from Arizona, Her new love, life, and family are now in Minnesota!

Rock in Sand
"I wasn't sure what to expect with distance healing.  It was amazing!  I felt a weight lift and things start to shift for me."

- Kim -

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